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Safety tips

Tips for Buyer
Seller Verification

If you decide to buy equipment at a low price, make sure that you communicate with the real seller. Find out as much information about the owner of the equipment as possible. One way of cheating is to represent yourself as a real company. In case of suspicion, inform us about this for additional control, through the feedback form.

Price Check

Before you decide to make a purchase, carefully review several sales offers to understand the average cost of your chosen equipment. If the price of the offer you like is much lower than similar offers, think about it. A significant price difference may indicate hidden defects or an attempt by the seller to commit fraudulent acts.

Do not buy products which price is too different from the average price for similar equipment.

Do not give consent to dubious pledges and prepaid goods. In case of doubt, do not be afraid to clarify details, ask for additional photographs and documents for equipment, check the authenticity of documents, ask questions.

Doubtful prepayment

The most common type of fraud. Unfair sellers may request a certain amount of advance payment to “book” your right to purchase equipment. Thus, fraudsters can collect a large amount and disappear, no longer get in touch.

Varieties of this fraud may include:

  • Transfer of prepayment to the card
    Do not make an advance payment without paperwork confirming the process of transferring money, if during the communication the seller is in doubt.
  • Transfer to the “Trustee” account
    Such a request should be alarming, most likely you are communicating with a fraudster.
  • Transfer to a company account with a similar name
    Be careful, fraudsters may disguise themselves as well-known companies, making minor changes to the name. Do not transfer funds if the company name is in doubt.
  • Substitution of own details in the invoice of a real company
    Before making a transfer, make sure that the specified details are correct, and whether they relate to the specified company.
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Tips for the seller

Attackers can create websites very similar to Agronetto to retrieve your confidential information. Bear in mind that Agronetto does not send out letters asking to provide any confidential data, usernames or passwords. This refers both to the emails and the website itself. If you have received such a letter, check the website address (whether the link leads to Agronetto pages).

If you have the slightest doubt:

  • Do not follow the links and do not enter data to prevent their loss.
  • Do not log into your account via the link you received via email using your username and password. If you save passwords in the browser, and when you click on a link from a letter, they are not substituted into the login form - be very careful, almost certainly you are on a phishing site.
  • Use the link to go to the site from bookmarks or enter “Agronetto” in your search engine - so you will protect yourself from phishing.
Account Security

Take care of the security of your profile on the portal. Use the following tips to avoid losing access to your account:

  • The easiest, most convenient and most secure authentication method for the user - OAuth authorization. This method allows you to log into your account through social networking profiles.
  • Do not give anyone logins and passwords. Only the account owner can know them.
  • Do not send account information in response to emails. Agronetto never asks for their transfer.
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